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Joomla Powers Cost Effective Fundraising Website Bill Wagner, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, volunteers every year with The MIMA Foundation.This year to raise money and awareness for the MIMA Foundation, Bill rode his mountain bike across the United States.  And we built to chronicle his amazing journey.

Bayesain Filter Eliminates 98% of Spam Banyan International Corporation is the nation's leading provider of emergency medical kits. In order to maintain that leadership role, Banyan depends on strong lines of communication with their stakeholders. When one of those lines of communication, email, became mired with spam, they asked us to help.

Wireless Hand-held Key to Inventory Management Service Electric Supply, Inc., a wire harness and custom cable manufacturer, has been using barcode technology in their physical inventory process for years. However, this technology was only being utilized in a single section of their warehouse. SES needed a solution that could bring the speed and accuracy of barcode technology to their whole warehouse.

System Integration Streamlines Manufacturing Service Electric Supply, Inc., builds custom wire harnesses for a variety of industries. Wire processing, the cutting and striping of wire, is a major component in SES's manufacturing process. We were recently employed by SES to help streamline this process.

READ THE FULL STORY Gets a Fresh New Look The original was nothing more than a marker,staking claim to our piece of cyber-space. Since it was never designed with our target audience in mind, the original website was lacking in almost every way.


System Development

System DevelopmentFrom the planning to implementation, we manage every phase of the system development life cycle.

System Administration

System AdministrationOnce a system is in place, we proactively monitor the system to ensure its reliability and efficiency.

Network Security

Network SecurityTo ensure the availability of every system, we secure the entire network from threats.

Technical Support

Technical SupportFrom training to trouble-shooting, we assist our clients in making the most of their systems.

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