Adobe Photoshop

The original was nothing more than a marker,staking claim to our piece of cyber-space. Since it was never designed with our target audience in mind, the original website was lacking in almost every way.

Clearly identifying our target audience was the first step in recreating Our target is the small business that can not support and manage a full in-house IT staff, yet requires timely access to technical expertise.

With our target audience in mind, we started defining the requirements for the new website. First, the website had to be representative of the type of work of which we are capable. Our website is the first impression we leave with potential customers. We wanted it to be the equivalent of a warm smile, a crisp suit, and a firm handshake. Secondly, we wanted to give potential clients a sense of who we are. We wanted to explain our services, convey a bit of our companies history, and describe the business ethics which guide our work. Finally, we wanted to showcase our solutions. Rather than just presenting final solutions, we wanted to demonstrate the problem solving process.

Using Adobe Photoshop, we created a multi-page template for the website. The graphics used give the website an IT feel with a friendly human touch. The layout is clean and colorful with three dimensional borders that make the content pop off the page.

The focal point of is the menu created using Macromedia Flash MX. With colorful animation and sound, the menu immediately grabs the visitor's attention, giving an inviting, professional impression.

Microsoft FrontPage was then used to add content to the website. The home page is an executive summary of the entire site. The about us page provides our company's mission statement along with a company history. The news items showcase our solutions and the technology used to implement them. The services page describes the services offered by Robert Harris. The support page provides our customers access to information relevant to their installations. The contact page gives contact information for a number of departments.

We are extremely happy with the new It was designed to be completely representative of our company, demonstrating to potential clients our expertise in IT outsourcing for small businesses. The implementation successfully meets this design goal.